bathroom underfloor heating

Luxury spa experience with underfloor heating in your bathroom

Underfloor heating is always seen as a sign of opulence and a lavish lifestyle. It offers a comfortable, relaxing and a healthy lifestyle that remains unmatched and soothed. Now you can have underfloor heating systems in your bathroom and enjoy a truly, rejuvenating spa experience at home.

Exclusively created waterproof and hi-tech heating systems by Heat Africa add to the elegance of your bathroom and enhance its relaxing atmosphere. Just imagine the thrill of having a rejuvenating shower free from torrid humidity within your bathroom, assuring you a soothing and soul-filling experience.

The warm and welcoming bathroom ambiance created with ultramodern underfloor heating systems allows to have a gateway to a relaxing spa rejuvenation. Heating mats customized to the size of your bathroom floor and laid beneath ceramic, stone or mesh flooring not only save space, but also allow you to create a truly comforting atmosphere at home.

Complementary lightening and accessories installed in assistance with Heat Africa heating solutions will enhance the luxury, elegance and affluent look of your bathroom.
spa underfloor heating