under wood heating

Safe and customized under wood heating solutions

Looking to install an under wood heating system at home that is safe, secure and cost-effective? Heat Africa offers affordable and technically superior under floor heating systems for all types of consumer needs. These systems are 100% safe, waterproof, healthy and tested for durability.

Available in variety of sizes and shapes depending on customer needs, under wood heating systems of Heat Africa come wrapped in aluminium blankets and with metal shields. Offering adjustable heating and maximum floor coverage, these under laminate heating solutions are easy to install, prevent respiratory diseases and can be of great succor for those suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

Heat Africa under wood heating systems are high-density fibre based, have removable locking system and are compatible with all types of flooring. Use of superior technology in the manufacturing and installation process allows maximum possible cost-saving in energy and maintenance expenditure enabling consumers to enjoy comfort and luxurious living ambience at an affordable price.