Under screed heating systems: three reasons to buy

Heat Africa has been the leading provider of under screed heating systems in South Africa for the last two decades. Its position as a market leader in underfloor heating solutions emanates from its thrust on superior technology, better customer service and robust products.

Underscreed heating systems by Heat Africa are manufactured at plants that are ISO 9001:2000 certified and have the best possible trained human resource. All systems and equipment fully comply stringent American and European standards assuring durability and energy efficiency.

Heat Africa takes pride in its focus on customer service. Their swift response, quick installation and through maintenance ensuring customers face no problem and continue to enjoy maximum possible benefits.

Last, but not the least, Heat Africa under screed heating systems are robust enough to satisfy your need years after years. The products have up to five years of warranty and are backed by sound technical support. All underfloor heating systems are tested for safety, load, leakage, radiation and other parameters ensuring unrestrained experience for consumers.