under wood floor heating

Under wood floor heating at an affordable price

The comfortable ambiance at home assures peace, bliss and sheer joy for everyone. With installation of under wood heating systems, we can increase this restful and relaxing feeling manifold. Heat Africa provides safe, secure and reasonably priced under floor heating solutions well admired for their low maintenance cost and energy efficiency.

Heat Africa, the leading provider of underfloor heating solutions in South Africa, is well known for its proficiency in manufacturing, supplying and installing residential heating systems. Backed by five-year warranty, its systems have proven therapeutic benefits for people with respiratory disorders and arthritis. The manufacturer has SABS ISO 9001:2000 certified plants, highly skilled team of engineers and installers and its products pass all stringent international standards set for under floor heating systems.

Underwood heating systems by Heat Africa provides maximum floor coverage and flexible heating options. The biggest advantage is their economical price, easy installation and less maintenance cost compared to other such systems available in the market.