Health benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating reinforces a healthy lifestyle

Offering comfort in the lap of luxury, underfloor heating provides equal health benefits. Underfloor heating solutions not only prevent burn injuries, but also reduces the risk of dust-induced allergies, respiratory problems and aggravated arthritis caused during the winter days.

Many consumers remain apprehensive of the potential risk of burn injuries because of open heating systems in their homes. However, underfloor heating systems placed below carpets or floor tiles ensure that children and elderly people at home do not come into contact. The sophisticated technology used in such underfloor heating systems does not emit any radiation that may result in health risks of any kind.

If you are suffering from dust allergies, asthma-like respiratory disorders, install an underfloor heating systems to prevent these health hazards. Our underfloor heating systems are specifically designed to generate and maintain heat under carpets or rugs that effectively reduces dust mites by 80 percent. It also does not disturb dust particles by emitting air, which prevents dust circulation.
Even distribution of warmth by underfloor heating systems enables people suffering from joint pains or arthritis to prevent cold from aggravating their troubles. Rather it soothes joints and helps alleviate pains because of the constant heat.

Innovatively designed and affordable underfloor heating systems by Heat Africa allow consumers to have this opulence at the most reasonable price and enjoy its health benefits. Manufactured with superior technological expertise,  our underfloor heating systems are highly energy efficient and assure savings on your monthly bills.